Sellers Advance

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When you sold your property and need immediate access to some of your proceeds contact us.

Estate Agent Commission Advance

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Do you need access to some of your hard earned commission? Don't wait any longer - contact us.

Advance on inheritance

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If you are a beneficiary in a deceased estate and need an advance on your inheritance, then contact us.

Advance on levies, rates, taxes, transfer duties

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Do not let these outstanding fees prolong registration. Pay all of these outstanding bills upfront to speed up the registration process.

Advance on any merited application from attorney or lender

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We are open minded when it comes to bridging finance so do not hesitate to contact us.

How to apply

Our application form is short and concise and the procedure is very simple.

As soon as a client approaches you for help with bridging financing, you can request an application form at

Our interest and admin fees are market related and available on request. Application form is completed by attorney and lender and emailed to us. Once we receive your application, we will review the merits of the application and deposit the required amount into your Trust Account. Two days before registration takes place you request the settlement rate as on the day of registration. We send you a complete statement of account with loan amount, loan date, settlement date, number of days, interest and admin calculation and total due.